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We are a family art studio based in Arizona, USA, and we've been doing artist alley for over a decade. We can be found at a few conventions around the state, and (very) rarely outside of the state.

Currently commissions are not accepted.


E | artist
draws everything (so far), enjoys working w/ inks & vectors
handle lordbatsy
favorite color pink & cornflower blue
twitch | youtube

M | support
handle mian
favorite color lavender & leaf green

e | public relations
favorite animal octopus


LampflowerMart | etsy
Ghost Cafe | Patreon stickers, keychains & more, delivered monthly


mushroom blueberry soda


TUSCON 50 | Nov 10-12 2023 Tucson, AZ
*art show/print shop only
Kikori Con | Mar 8-10 2024 Flagstaff, AZ
Saboten Con | Aug 30-Sept 2 2024 Phoenix, AZ
Con-Nichiwa | Nov 15-17 2024 Tucson, AZ